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Get the look of high priced etched glass without the cost or permanent etching of your doors and windows. Transform any room with a little decorative film from Auto Tint West.

We tint the windows for many of the most respected business and familes in Bakersfield! Take a Look..


Residential Window Tint

Privacy and heat rejection

Conventional reflective style films offer both privacy and comfort. These films work by reflecting light and heat away from the window.
To increase heat rejection you must also increase reflectiveness. Rejecting up to 80% of total solar energy and dual pane safe this is a compliment to todays energy efficient windows and a great investment for older homes with single pane windows. The reflective properties also increase privacy as it makes it tougher to see through the window into the interior of your home.
Proudly installing Llumar films you get a Lifetime warranty on all of the products we install.

These are conventional type films which are highly reflective on both sides, towards the interior and exterior. To achieve maximum heat and glare control you must increase reflectivity and darkness when using these types of films. Also very effective in providing privacy in certain applications.

Dual reflective
Highly reflective towards the exterior with a lower reflectivity towards the interior, enhances the view from the inside looking out, day or night. Highly effective in reducing heat and glare with a lesser interior reflection compared to a conventional reflective style film. This allows for a better view to the outside while increasing privacy towards the inside.

Heat rejection, without the mirrored reflection

Hüper Optik has developed an industry leading spectrally selective film which offers all the great benefits of conventional films without the reflectiveness. Through advances in technology and engineering they have developed a product that greatly reduces heat while maintaining high visible light transmission, which equals to lightly tinted windows that allow you to view and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
In the past nonreflective films were not adequate for use on dual pane windows, these films not only increase the effectiveness of a dual pane window, they were designed to be compatible with them.
You can feel confortable knowing your investment is protected with a lifetime warranty.

Dual pane safe non-reflective style films
We offer the most State of the art film from Hüper Optik to address the issues of heat and glare on a dual pane glass. This film will not make your windows look like a mirror and it in fact enhances your outward view by toning down glare. Even the darkest of these films is not going to darken your house as this was the main issue the engineers wanted to address when developing this advanced technology film. In many cases these films outperform conventional films in heat reduction.

Safety and Security

Knowing that your family is safe is always a great peace of mind. Having us install safety and security film will enhance your comfort level in your home by protecting you and your family in case of an earthquake or any other type of incident where flying glass would be a hazard. Security films also provide an added measure of protection in case of an attempted burglary, by strengthening the glass and making it harder to penetrate. Also providing UV ray protection.

Attachment system
for added security, an attachment system is available for safety film installations. the film adheres to the window with its own adhesive, the attachment system then attaches it the framework of the glass, wether it be a door or window. There are various types of attachment systems; mechanical and wet. The wet system uses a type of structural sealant like Dow Corning 995.The attachment system on certain safety films, meet the Bomb blast mitigation standards adding yet another level of security to your home.

Decorative films

Adding style, beauty, and privacy to your glass using Llumar decorative films is a great way to enhance your living space. With an array of vibrant colors, finishes, and patterns available, the possibilities are endless when it comes time to decorate a room. Add it to any glass surface; mirrors, doors, table tops, windows. And the nice thing about a film is that it is not permanent, it can be removed and replaced with no harm to the glass, allowing yet another option for those who like to change things up. Get the look of etched art glass at a fraction of the cost, plus the added bonus of a lifetime warranty!


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