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Commercial Window tint can dramatically reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs resulting in savings on your utility bills. They typical pay back on your initial investment is 2 to 3 years.

Commercial energy savings case studies:

Fresno State University, Business Building
Utilized: LLumar low-emissivity (low-E) film
Annual Savings: $15,000
Payback Period: 2.4 years

Fresno State University, Education Building
Utilized: Exterior reflective window film
Annual Savings: $28,000
Payback Period: 3.2 years

See how much you can save with Llumar tint

Window Tint Job Of The Week

window tint job of the week  
Auto Tint West has been providing solutions to many heat, glare, privacy, and security issues common on commercial buildings, for over 26 years. Here we feature a list of loac jobs and solutions our team has provided for local customers. Our team servics many of the most trusted business in the Bakersfield are with window tinting. See our weekly list of jobs done by the Auto Tint West Window Tint Team.

8/20/2014 - Job Of The Week: Elk's Lodge - Bakersfield

window tint job of the week

We installed LLumar Fusion 10 film with 77% heat rejection and 88% glare reduction on the main lobby windows to reduce the light from shinning into the main hall. They also wanted to reduce the heat comming in the lobby area as these windows face south and get blasted by the sun all day long.

• 77% Heat reduction
• Interior Fade Protection
• Safety and Security
• 88% Glare Reduction

8/10/2014 - Job Of The Week: Agriculture Building at Bakersfield College

window tint job of the week

This is the agriculture building at Bakersfield College. This building was just remolded and they removed all of the large aluminum shutters to make the building more modern looking. The problem that they encountered was these windows face south and they get the sun all day long. The solution was to install LLumar silver 20 with 79% heat rejection and 80% glare reduction.

• 79% Heat reduction
• Energy Savings/Rebate
• Safety and Security
• 80% Glare Reduction

7/09/2014 - Job Of The Week: Custom Dental

window tint job of the week

This job was a retint as they had another shop do the job a couple of years earlier and the film was rolling off and peeling. The downside for the customer was the shop that performed the work was out of business. We went in and removed all of the defective film and installed LLumar RN07 on all of the windows. The reason for the tint is to reduce heat glare and to add privacy. RN07 meet all of his needs with 84% total energy rejection and 95% glare reduction and with the dark reflective look he achieved the privacy he needed.

• 95% Glare Reduction
• Dark Reflective Privacy Exterior
• 84% Total Solar Energy Rejected
• High Heat Rejection

Auto Tint West Energy Solutions
Has successfully helped many of Bakersfields schools, colleges, universitys, hospitals, commercial offices, and government customers to effectively enhance their energy performance.

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