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Commercial Window tint can dramatically reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs resulting in savings on your utility bills. They typical pay back on your initial investment is 2 to 3 years.

Commercial energy savings case studies:

Fresno State University, Business Building
Utilized: LLumar low-emissivity (low-E) film
Annual Savings: $15,000
Payback Period: 2.4 years

Fresno State University, Education Building
Utilized: Exterior reflective window film
Annual Savings: $28,000
Payback Period: 3.2 years

See how much you can save with Llumar tint

Commercial Window Tint

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Auto Tint West has provided solutions to many heat, glare, privacy, and security issues common on commercial buildings, for over 26 years. With a combined experience of over 60 years from our installers, you can expect a knowledgeable professional to help you decide on which film will provide the solution to your problem. Using only high quality films and the highest standards during installation, you receive not only a warranty, but also a guarantee that you will not have problems after the fact. Feel free to contact us to learn more on the ways we can help you feel more comfort in your building today!

Let us help solve your commercial window tinting needs. Professionally installed Window Films allow you to bring light that enters your building under control. While reducing heating and cooling costs and providing a comfortable working environmentthat will keep employees cool and productive.

Our extensive line of films provides an elegant means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing the energy use of a building.We have a film to meet your ever need. What are you looking for:

• Heat reduction
• Energy Savings
• Safety and Security
• Privacy
• Decorative Window Film

Let the professionals at auto tint west help you get the right film to solve your commercial window film needs.

Heat and Glare
To address these issues we offer reflective, dual reflective films, and non-reflective films. Depending on your needs we have many shades to choose from.

Safety and Anti-Graffiti
Protect occupants from shattering glass during an earthquake and provide yet another defense against would be thieves, safety films increase the strength of glass and provide a level of security unmatched by an alarm system alone.

Tired of replacing glass and mirrors due to tagging? Now you can fight back with anti-graffiti films. While it does not prevent the act, it greatly reduces the cost involved in repairing the scratched surface.

Style & Privacy
Add privacy and style to your office with our high quality decorative window films. Our film instalation provides the perfect cost effective office addition. The look is rich, the cost isn’t. 

Various Independent Sources Estimate:
• 20% to 40% of the energy used to cool buildings is caused by solar heat gain through windows.
• Three-fourths of all existing windows are energy inefficient. Enhancing window performance can significantly improve building energy efficiency.

Properly Installed Energy-Control Window Film Offers:
• Whole-building energy savings of 5% to 10%.
• Paybacks in four years or less in many cases.
• Improved occupant comfort and building aesthetics.
• Assistance qualifying for Green Building Certification (up to seven points for LEED Certification).
• Protection from terrorist events and electronic eavesdropping.
• Reduced glare.
• Occupant and furnishing ultraviolet protection.

Auto Tint West Energy Solutions
Has successfully helped many of Bakersfields schools, colleges, universitys, hospitals, commercial offices, and government customers to effectively enhance their energy performance.


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